Vertaal- en tolkdiensten

We provide a wide range of translation services to meet the needs of corporations, profssionals and private individuals.

  • Simultaneous interpretation   
  • Consecutive Interpretation 
  • Sworn, notarized translations
  • Certified translation services
  • Legal and Commercial texts, Business Letters, General Text Translations, Written Translations, Editorial Translation Services
  • Book, catalogue, brochure, operating manual translations
  • Technical Translations
  • Academic Translations
  • Written and Oral Translation services for Meetings, Court Hearings, Congresses, Seminars, Public Notaries, Foreign Guest Hosting by accompanying our clients to provide them translation services 
  • Website Translation
  • Proof-reading and editing

All translation fees are calculated based on a rate per word. However, this rate may vary depending on the complexity of the text, its deadline and the language combination. We can provide you, free of charge, information about the price of your translation as well as the deadline for it, of course after making an assessment on the text or document. Fees and costs of notarization of documents by a public notary, apostilled document services and certification by embassies are not included in the quoted prices.


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